Reasons Former Lazio Players Want To Join Persib

Reasons Former Lazio Players Want To Join Persib

Former Lazio youth team player, Lorenzo Pace, reportedly interested in joining Persib Bandung. The possibility is wide open because the player has two passports, namely Italy and Indonesia.

Lorenzo inherited the original Indonesian blood from his mother who is an Indonesian. The 21-year-old player just chose his citizenship, because Indonesia does not recognize dual citizenship.

Another thing that makes Lorenzo a potential join with Maung Bandung is the birthplace where he was born in Bandung on March 10, 1995.

The player who occupies the position of this midfielder has also been interested in wearing the Indonesian national team jersey in 2015. Thus, joining Persib can be a stepping-stone to realize that desire.

Lorenzo never upload photos and get comments from netizen so he can uniformed national team. Lorenzo also replied netizen comments, “Huhuhu if the national team called me, why not?” Lorenzo wrote.

Currently, Lorenzo alias free transfer aka without the club. Thus, Persib can memafaatkan opportunity to get it without spending the transfer fee.

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