Coming ahead of Vietnam’s opponents, U-19 national team must take advantage of break time

Indonesia U-19 national team coach, Indra Sjafri, revealed the factors that became a distinct advantage when his team against Vietnam. According to him, Egy Maulana Vikri and his friends have longer rest periods.

U-19 national team will play Vietnam in the third match of Group B Cup AFF U-18 elimination. Duel will take place at Thuwunna Stadium, Yangon, Myanmar, Monday (11/09/2017) afternoon hrs.

Coming to Vietnam’s opponents, Indra Sjafri’s troops have good capital after successfully defeating the Philippines with a score of 9-0 on Thursday (7/9/2017). In addition, Garuda Nusantara squad has a longer break pause than Vietnam because the opponent candidates will undergo a second fight against the Philippines on Saturday (09/09/2017).

“Vietnam are a good team, especially in the first match they won 8-1 over Brunei Darussalam and we have to focus on winning and qualifying for the semi-finals,” Indra said.

“We have a rather long break from Vietnam, we have to maximize that,” said the 54-year-old.

Now, Indonesia is still entrenched at the top of the standings with six points. Meanwhile, Vietnam is in second place with three points achievement because the new melakoni one game.

After fighting against Vietnam, Egy Maulana et al will fight Brunei in the final group stage match. Duel will take place at the same place on Wednesday (13/09/2017).

Madura United Direct So Test Early Stefano Lilipaly’s Strength?

Madura United Direct So Test Early Stefano Lilipaly’s Strength?

Match contest Madura United, Sunday (13/8) tonight will be a debut game for the last player of Bali United, Stefano Lilipaly. This game is also as a preliminary test for this naturalization player to remember the opponent also has the quality.

Madura United came to Bali as the leader of the standings who are eyeing the victory. In addition Laskar Sape Kerrab also has a good quality squad.

But once again not yet certain Lilipaly will play because coach Widodo Cahyono Putro will still see first condition sng player. After that just take the decision to lower it or not. Given the long journey of course from the Netherlands to make the former SC Cambuur is hit by fatigue.

“Today we will monitor his condition. He just arrived today from the Netherlands and certainly his condition is not fit one hundred percent. Of course I do not want to rush to play Stefano because I’ve also been a player and I understand related things like this, “said Widodo through streaming Bali United TV.

Expect quick adaptation with skuat

Widodo himself demanded Indonesian national team midfielder directly tune with the game Bali United. Such work will not be difficult for Lilipaly in addition to already know the game character of Indonesia team. There are three Dutch-scented players in Bali United (Sylviano Comvalius, Nick Van der Velden, and Irfan Bachdim) will ease their adaptation process

“I certainly hope he can quickly adapt in this team. I see the matches in this year’s competition are very solid. Therefore it is needed the rotation of players in this team trip, “added Coach Widodo.

Previously Bali United finally officially introduced Stefano Lilipaly as their latest recruit on Sunday (13/8) afternoon. In the introductory session, the Manager of Bali United, handed jersey numbered 87 to Lilipaly.

Reasons Former Lazio Players Want To Join Persib

Reasons Former Lazio Players Want To Join Persib

Former Lazio youth team player, Lorenzo Pace, reportedly interested in joining Persib Bandung. The possibility is wide open because the player has two passports, namely Italy and Indonesia.

Lorenzo inherited the original Indonesian blood from his mother who is an Indonesian. The 21-year-old player just chose his citizenship, because Indonesia does not recognize dual citizenship.

Another thing that makes Lorenzo a potential join with Maung Bandung is the birthplace where he was born in Bandung on March 10, 1995.

The player who occupies the position of this midfielder has also been interested in wearing the Indonesian national team jersey in 2015. Thus, joining Persib can be a stepping-stone to realize that desire.

Lorenzo never upload photos and get comments from netizen so he can uniformed national team. Lorenzo also replied netizen comments, “Huhuhu if the national team called me, why not?” Lorenzo wrote.

Currently, Lorenzo alias free transfer aka without the club. Thus, Persib can memafaatkan opportunity to get it without spending the transfer fee.

Because Coret Jad Noureddine, Lebanese Media Call Arema Financial Crisis

Because Coret Jad Noureddine, Lebanese Media Call Arema Financial Crisis

The scrapping of Jad Noureddine’s name from the Arema FC squad list sparked skewed news on the official website of the Lebanese football federation Agen Sbobet Terpercaya. The site said that Jad left Arema FC because the club nicknamed Singo Edan was in financial crisis.

Practically, the news that Arema FC management fires beard. Therefore, the decision to remove the former Borneo FC players have been discussed carefully and no problem.

“In principle we can not continue to be together with Jad and he also does not matter this,” said General Manager Arema FC, Ruddy Widodo, as quoted from

Arema FC is steady to release Jad. The reason, 25-year-old player was apparently not included in the game scheme pride team of Malang residents.

Since Bagas Adi Nugroho got U-23 national team call, Jad is often functioned as a stopper to duet with Arthur Cunha. On several occasions, Jad appears to have not been maxed out.

It also influenced the performance of Arema FC in two games against Persipura Jayapura and Semen Padang. Arema grabbed bad by nirpoin.

Despite having talks with Jad, Arema FC’s management does not seem to meet the point of compensation. The case is a natural thing and can be solved.

“Currently we are still counting, this will be completed the longest possible two days ahead,” said Ruddy.

Instead, Arema FC management brings British bloody Brent Griffhs players. The decision to sign Brent is still waiting for a series of health and regulatory tests from PSSI about foreign players.