Because Coret Jad Noureddine, Lebanese Media Call Arema Financial Crisis

Because Coret Jad Noureddine, Lebanese Media Call Arema Financial Crisis

The scrapping of Jad Noureddine’s name from the Arema FC squad list sparked skewed news on the official website of the Lebanese football federation Agen Sbobet Terpercaya. The site said that Jad left Arema FC because the club nicknamed Singo Edan was in financial crisis.

Practically, the news that Arema FC management fires beard. Therefore, the decision to remove the former Borneo FC players have been discussed carefully and no problem.

“In principle we can not continue to be together with Jad and he also does not matter this,” said General Manager Arema FC, Ruddy Widodo, as quoted from

Arema FC is steady to release Jad. The reason, 25-year-old player was apparently not included in the game scheme pride team of Malang residents.

Since Bagas Adi Nugroho got U-23 national team call, Jad is often functioned as a stopper to duet with Arthur Cunha. On several occasions, Jad appears to have not been maxed out.

It also influenced the performance of Arema FC in two games against Persipura Jayapura and Semen Padang. Arema grabbed bad by nirpoin.

Despite having talks with Jad, Arema FC’s management does not seem to meet the point of compensation. The case is a natural thing and can be solved.

“Currently we are still counting, this will be completed the longest possible two days ahead,” said Ruddy.

Instead, Arema FC management brings British bloody Brent Griffhs players. The decision to sign Brent is still waiting for a series of health and regulatory tests from PSSI about foreign players.

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