France Filled Hysteria Coming Debut Neymar At PSG

France Filled Hysteria Coming Debut Neymar At PSG

As hysteria escalated ahead of Neymar’s Paris Saint-Germain debut, the media focus in France shifted from the transfer price to who would be shifted to the Brazilian’s position Sbobet Casino.

Daily Le Parisien said that the player was Javier Pastore. The Argentine was the first expensive player to be brought in by PSG after the club was taken over by the owner of Qatar. And the arrival of this time Neymar indeed threaten his playing time.

“After first giving up the back number 10, will he (Pastore) now give up his position on the team?” Reads a major headline Le Parisien recently.

“Neymar will start the game on the left at the expense of Pastore. So Neymar, (Edinson) Cavani and (Angel) Di Maria will fill the trio of PSG attacks, “continued Le Parisien, who then gave a long list of top players who will heat up the PSG bench.

In addition to Pastore, the player who is expected to sit on the bench a lot after Neymar’s arrival is Lucas Moura. He has been friends with Neymar since the age of nine, but now he seems to be having a bad impact on his friend’s arrival. The German captain at the 2017 Confederations Cup Julian Draxler could also be a warm-up bench this season.

But unlike Le Parisien, L’Equipe argues that Pastore will still play an important position in PSG’s core team, where he and Neymar and Di Maria will support Cavani on the front lines.

Physical Neymar ready

Although some French media have various predictions about who the players will be displaced by Neymar in PSG core team, one thing is sure is Neymar will play in the game against Guingamp on Monday (14/08/2017) early morning hrs.

“He’s physically ready to play for ninety minutes. He has been training well and we have been working on our free-kick tactics and schemes. We all want him at Starting XI, he is the player we need in this team, “PSG coach Unai Emery told AFP.

Guingamp coach Antoine Kombouaré, who is also a former PSG coach, also wants Neymar to play in the game against his team.

“I want the fans to come on Sunday to support the Guingamp win, preferably against the team with Neymar in it. But the people here are not talking about Neymar. The people here support our team, “he said. (Source: L’Equipe, Le Parisien, AFP)

Madura United Direct So Test Early Stefano Lilipaly’s Strength?

Madura United Direct So Test Early Stefano Lilipaly’s Strength?

Match contest Madura United, Sunday (13/8) tonight will be a debut game for the last player of Bali United, Stefano Lilipaly. This game is also as a preliminary test for this naturalization player to remember the opponent also has the quality.

Madura United came to Bali as the leader of the standings who are eyeing the victory. In addition Laskar Sape Kerrab also has a good quality squad.

But once again not yet certain Lilipaly will play because coach Widodo Cahyono Putro will still see first condition sng player. After that just take the decision to lower it or not. Given the long journey of course from the Netherlands to make the former SC Cambuur is hit by fatigue.

“Today we will monitor his condition. He just arrived today from the Netherlands and certainly his condition is not fit one hundred percent. Of course I do not want to rush to play Stefano because I’ve also been a player and I understand related things like this, “said Widodo through streaming Bali United TV.

Expect quick adaptation with skuat

Widodo himself demanded Indonesian national team midfielder directly tune with the game Bali United. Such work will not be difficult for Lilipaly in addition to already know the game character of Indonesia team. There are three Dutch-scented players in Bali United (Sylviano Comvalius, Nick Van der Velden, and Irfan Bachdim) will ease their adaptation process

“I certainly hope he can quickly adapt in this team. I see the matches in this year’s competition are very solid. Therefore it is needed the rotation of players in this team trip, “added Coach Widodo.

Previously Bali United finally officially introduced Stefano Lilipaly as their latest recruit on Sunday (13/8) afternoon. In the introductory session, the Manager of Bali United, handed jersey numbered 87 to Lilipaly.

Conte Curhat Matic Transfer Problem And Urge Chelsea Immediately Bring New Players Again

Conte Curhat Matic Transfer Problem And Urge Chelsea Immediately Bring New Players Again

Antonio Conte warned Chelsea to be able to add some new players again, it was meant for them to compete in all competitions, including maintaining the Premier League title.

Premier League champions last season this new four players bring. They are Willy Caballero, Antonio Rudiger, Tiemoue Bakayoko, and Alvaro Morata.

However, Conte indicated he was still not satisfied with these names, and asked the management of the Blues ease the way to achieve the shared ambition. He desperately wanted a balance between the main squad and coatings, considering they will play in four different competitions.

Asked if he still wanted to add players, Conte replied: “Yes, of course. This league is not easy. There are six very strong teams and you have to be prepared. ”

“We want to be more competitive and we want to compete to win the title again. The club knows my main goal. ”

“It will not be easy. A big challenge for us and defending the title, but we will work hard. ”

Conte feels lost Matic

On this occasion, Conte also provide an explanation about the move to Manchester United Nemanja Matic. He was actually surprised, the club just off the key players. The Italian coach also said that the transfer of Matic will be the most noticeable loss for Chelsea next season.

“Matic really understands what I think about her very well. Most importantly for us about this player, that he is a very good player, a top player, is very important to our team, but sometimes you have to accept the madness of this transfer, “continued Conte.

“And sometimes you have to accept different decisions. But he will be the greatest loss for us. ”

Chelsea will start the English Premier League against Burnley on Saturday (12/8) night local time. Conte also leaked that the new players will be deployed in the game this time, because they are looking for the perfect target in the opening match to smooth the plan forward. (Source: Sky Sports)

Ramos Ready to Conquer Manchester United

Ramos Ready to Conquer Manchester United

Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos is targeting a victory in a Super Cup match against Manchester United Sbobet Casino.

In the past, Ramos had almost moved to Old Trafford, with the player grateful for the interest that had been shown by the Red Devils against him.

“In the past, I had a chance to move [to United]. But in the end, my situation is solved with another solution. ”

“We certainly need to see what things will happen in the game, but I am very grateful to be signed a new contract with Real Madrid.”

“I am also grateful to Manchester United, for the interest they have shown me in the past. But now we are rivals, and we have to fight to win. “

Reasons Former Lazio Players Want To Join Persib

Reasons Former Lazio Players Want To Join Persib

Former Lazio youth team player, Lorenzo Pace, reportedly interested in joining Persib Bandung. The possibility is wide open because the player has two passports, namely Italy and Indonesia.

Lorenzo inherited the original Indonesian blood from his mother who is an Indonesian. The 21-year-old player just chose his citizenship, because Indonesia does not recognize dual citizenship.

Another thing that makes Lorenzo a potential join with Maung Bandung is the birthplace where he was born in Bandung on March 10, 1995.

The player who occupies the position of this midfielder has also been interested in wearing the Indonesian national team jersey in 2015. Thus, joining Persib can be a stepping-stone to realize that desire.

Lorenzo never upload photos and get comments from netizen so he can uniformed national team. Lorenzo also replied netizen comments, “Huhuhu if the national team called me, why not?” Lorenzo wrote.

Currently, Lorenzo alias free transfer aka without the club. Thus, Persib can memafaatkan opportunity to get it without spending the transfer fee.

Liverpool Attack Not Effective, Klopp Exasperated

Liverpool Attack Not Effective, Klopp Exasperated

Liverpool manager, Juergen Klopp (50), was upset after his team lost to Atletico Madrid in the final game of the Audi Cup 2017 at the Allianz Arena Stadium on Wednesday (02/08/2017) Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

Atletico Madrid conquered Liverpool through a penalty shootout with a score of 5-4.

Previously, both teams drew 1-1 at all times normal.

Atletico scored by Keidi Bare (33 ‘), while Liverpool’s goal came from Roberto Firmino penalty (83’).

The German coach was upset because the team besutannya not able to score more goals from the many shots on target are released.

Noted, Liverpool able to remove 20 shots on target.

“The only bad thing that happened in this match was a goal nesting into our goal,” said Juergen Klopp on the club’s official website.

“We have 20 shots on target, but Atletico is a very strong team,” Klopp said.

Naturally if Klopp disappointed because in four previous pramusim party Liverpool always win.

The Reds successively subvert Crystal Palace (2-0), Leicester City (2-1), Hertha Berlin (3-0), and Bayern Muenchen (3-0).

“Introduction of Neymar as PSG Players Held This Weekend”

“Introduction of Neymar as PSG Players Held This Weekend”

Transfer Neymar Junior from FC Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) seemed only a matter of time.

In fact, one of the representatives or agents 25-year-old player, Wagner Ribeiro, has been mentioned when the players will be introduced the party Les Parisiens, nickname PSG.

The development of Neymar Junior’s transfer to PSG continues to adorn international sports media pages.

In fact, some of his Brazilian striker colleagues in Barcelona, ​​including Lionel Messi, have bid farewell.

On Wednesday (2/8/2017), the Barcelona have confirmed that they will only give permission to Neymar to leave if there are clubs who want to redeem his release clause of 222 million euros (about Rp 3.4 trillion) without installments.

Barcelona side have also confirmed that the former Santos striker has requested that he immediately released to the coach from Ernesto Valverde’s coaching squad.

Now, Wagner Ribeiro has given the latest developments about the transfer Neymar.

In fact, he has dared to mention that his client will soon be introduced as part of the PSG squad in the near future.

“PSG has expressed readiness to pay for Neymar’s release clause.Neymar’s introduction as a new PSG player will also be held this weekend,” Ribeiro told Mundo Deportivo.

According to news, Neymar and his representatives are now in London to study the contract proposed by PSG.

As quoted from the BBC, the transfer value is worth 450 million euros and Neymar will get a salary of 45 million euros per year for the next five seasons.

The Captain Wants Alexis Sanchez Survive at Arsenal

The Captain Wants Alexis Sanchez Survive at Arsenal

Arsenal captain Per Mertesacker hopes Alexis Sanchez will stay at the Emirates Stadium much longer Situs Poker Online.

Amid the issues of proximity Alexis Sanchez and his former coach, Pep Guardiola, who now coach Man City, the Arsenal captain continues to persuade the player from Chile to extend the contract.

Sanchez is touted as the Gunners army can not play in the Champions League next season.

Manchester City became the most serious buyer Alexis Sanchez.

With a contract that leaves only one season, Sanchez’s chances of getting out of Arsenal are very open.

Understand that, the Arsenal captain was speaking up.

Quoted from Squawka, Per Mertesacker asks Sanchez to stay because he has a quality that can make Arsenal back to the Champions League next season.

“I think all the players here want Alexis to survive, he has the ability to be a differentiator in every game,” said the German defender.

Mertesacker words are not excessive because Alexis Sanchez last season became the top scorer Arsenal with a notch 24 goals and 10 assists in the Premier League.

Andreas Pereira: Barcelona Cons Be a Correction For Us

Andreas Pereira: Barcelona Cons Be a Correction For Us

Manchester United player, Andreas Pereira, said the Barcelona cons in pre-season tour to be a match that corrects his team.

Pereira himself is pleased Red Devils is scheduled with many of the world’s best clubs in this season, he can measure how far Manchester United have stepped.

“Although the result is lost by Barcelona, but the important thing for us all is how we have gone so far,” Pereira told the media.

“In the end we ourselves are satisfied with the performance, all the players feel optimistic to start this summer with a stronger mentality like a winner.”

Because Coret Jad Noureddine, Lebanese Media Call Arema Financial Crisis

Because Coret Jad Noureddine, Lebanese Media Call Arema Financial Crisis

The scrapping of Jad Noureddine’s name from the Arema FC squad list sparked skewed news on the official website of the Lebanese football federation Agen Sbobet Terpercaya. The site said that Jad left Arema FC because the club nicknamed Singo Edan was in financial crisis.

Practically, the news that Arema FC management fires beard. Therefore, the decision to remove the former Borneo FC players have been discussed carefully and no problem.

“In principle we can not continue to be together with Jad and he also does not matter this,” said General Manager Arema FC, Ruddy Widodo, as quoted from

Arema FC is steady to release Jad. The reason, 25-year-old player was apparently not included in the game scheme pride team of Malang residents.

Since Bagas Adi Nugroho got U-23 national team call, Jad is often functioned as a stopper to duet with Arthur Cunha. On several occasions, Jad appears to have not been maxed out.

It also influenced the performance of Arema FC in two games against Persipura Jayapura and Semen Padang. Arema grabbed bad by nirpoin.

Despite having talks with Jad, Arema FC’s management does not seem to meet the point of compensation. The case is a natural thing and can be solved.

“Currently we are still counting, this will be completed the longest possible two days ahead,” said Ruddy.

Instead, Arema FC management brings British bloody Brent Griffhs players. The decision to sign Brent is still waiting for a series of health and regulatory tests from PSSI about foreign players.